Seat covers/liners for vehicles, with or without custom printing, wound on rolls in tear-off format, designed to fit snugly to the seat thanks to a rear slit. INDISPENSABLE for protecting the vehicle’s seat, they also make a great advertising tool.

Designed to prevent the car from being scratched during mechanical operations.
Material utilised:
pvc exterior, flocked interior, and magnets for better adherence. With or without custom printing.

Sheets of electrostatic HDPE film wound in rolls that perfectly adhere to the vehicle in order to facilitate painting operations. Various sizes available based on the customer’s needs.

Paper mats designed to protect the vehicle’s carpet mats against oil and other materials during mechanical operations.

A roll of steering wheel/gear-shift covers with the possible addition of a sleeve.

A wall-mounted display that contains a roll of seat covers, a pocket for floor mats, and a roll of steering wheel/gear-shift covers.

Wheel carrier bags wound on rolls in tear-off format, with or without custom printing, designed to keep the boot clean. Ideal for storing winter/summer wheels.

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